Remote Site Service Providers

R2R Services | Catering Services

Our catering services can be utilised separately or as part of a broader management services offering.


R2R Services provides the following food service offering to village residents:


  • Catering of up to any number of people per day at set times with buffet style menu
  • Comprehensive cyclic Breakfast/Crib/Dinner menus
  • Special menu for vegetarian and ethnic/religious groups
  • Comprehensive non-working day cyclic menu and BBQ Packs
  • Theme nights
  • Accompaniments to be provided with meals
  • Portion control specification
  • A casual meal to non residents on user pays arrangement
  • Quarantine requirements to provide food in to restricted project site areas


In addition to the above we can also provide, through our villages, catering for:  


  • Office and boardroom requirements
  • Conferences, Launches, Seminars & Training events
  • Buffet & BBQ’s
  • Breakfast, Lunches, Dinners (casual to formal)
  • Drop off platters for meetings
  • Take away meals i.e. pizza, fish and Chips, hamburgers


Chef and wait staff can be provided to assist in preparing and delivering food on the day.