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R2R Services | Human Resource Management


R2R Services has developed and implemented a Human Resource Management Strategy (HRM) throughout its organisation. 


The HRMS applies to all current and potential employees of R2R Services.  It is fully documented and structured as per the following:


Human Resource Management Manual

The HRM references the processes, forms and procedures required in ensuring all aspects of R2R Services Human Resource Policies are adhered to.



Operating Procedures, Forms and Templates

These documents describe the actual process, and controls applied to all activities involved in the management of our people. 



Training/Induction Presentations

Throughout each aspect of the recruitment/employment process management and employees are required to complete the training and/or induction presentations together with a questionnaire.



Employees are managed in such a way that demonstrates R2R Services commitment to their well being and career development.  Managing for performance is a major focus ensuring that employees are given the right skills and equipment to undertake their role and meet client/customer expectations. Clearly defined KPIs have been established and employees are judged accordingly.


Internal promotion is a key part of R2R Services employment practice as the Company believes this provides long term and qualified employees that are immersed in its culture of service delivery and customer satisfaction at all times.  This will also provide for a level of employment stability at contributing to the delivery of high customer service levels.


Proactive Approach Indigenous Participation and Cultural Awareness


R2R Services has an equal opportunity workplace - one where everyone is treated with dignity and respect and people have access to internal promotion, opportunities and careers based on their knowledge, skills and abilities.  All selection is be based on merit, i.e. the best person for the job and diversity will be valued.


R2R Services has a history of supporting and working with indigenous organisation and individuals and has recently entered into a joint venture arrangement with Ngarda Civil and Mining to establish Akudjura Facilities Management.


This new company is the first of its kind that focuses on providing training, employment and capacity building opportunities for Aboriginal people which is achieved by partnering with local Traditional Owners on each contract and work with Ngarda’s existing pre-employment programs to engage local Aboriginal workers from where we operate.  In this way, we will have Aboriginal engagement, inclusion and influence through all levels of our company – from the frontline delivery right through to the boardroom.


Proactive Approach to Local Employment


Our commitment is to, wherever practicable, employ local people and we will be proactive in continuing this commitment at any client village.


R2R Services commitment to local employment is demonstrated by its achievement at Cherratta Lodge where local employees are used wherever practicable and currently make up over 65% of the Cherratta Lodge team.  


This commitment was also evident when we operated The Landing at Port Hedland when over 50% of employees during 2011 were permanent residents of Port Hedland.