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R2R Services | Food Safety & Quality

R2R Services has in place a Food Safety & Quality Policy and a Food Safe Manual, the purpose of which is to guide the organisation in identification, assessment and control of food safety hazards and the overall manner in which R2R Services manages and prepare food at its villages.



The success of this program is evidenced by the fact that in February 2013 R2R Services was awarded a five golden geckos rating in the Shire of Roebourne’s Food Hygiene Assessment Rating Scheme for its catering operations at Cherratta Lodge.


This was based on an excellent standard of compliance with the Food Safety Standard including:


  • Food hygiene and handling practices
  • Maintenance and cleanliness of the premises
  • Staff food handling skills and knowledge


All food is prepared in accordance with R2R Services Food Safe Manual which is implemented at all our villages to ensure service standards are delivered in accordance with the Australian and New Zealand Food Standards Code.


The Food Safety Manual incorporates elements of the Food Safe Handler Training Program and Food Safe Plus, which are recognised nationally by the Australian Institute of Environmental Health.


As part of this program we are proactive in identifying hazards that may reasonably be expected to occur in the food handling operations of our business.  After the hazards have been identified, the Food Safety Program identifies where and how these hazards can be controlled.


The benefits of implementing our Food Safe Manual include:


  • Customer recognition of a commitment to food safety
  • National endorsement by the Australian Institute of Environmental Health (AIEH) and supported by local government
  • Potential cost savings due to fewer inspections
  • Improved management due to defined responsibilities
  • Improved knowledge of food preparation processes and food safety
  • Better trained and competent
  • Measurable / definable commitment to food safety


The Food Safe Manual also incorporates the Hazard Critical Control Point (HACCP) system. HACCP is applied at all our catering operations. As well as enhancing food safety, implementation of HACCP can provide other significant benefits such as aiding inspection by regulatory authorities and the development of food process safety control measures.