Remote Site Service Providers

R2R Services | Emergency Management 


R2R Services has adopted an Emergency Response Manual, the purpose of which is to set out the procedures to be followed at a village during an emergency.  It also provides for employees to be trained in emergency procedures and for the procedures (and a plan of the facility) to be made available to all employees, subcontractors/suppliers and guests showing:


  • Emergency evacuation muster points
  • Fire fighting equipment
  • First aid equipment
  • General emergency information


The Manual outlines procedures with regard to:


  • Employee Responsibilities          
  • Emergency Planning      
  • Emergency Categories   
  • Fire Prevention  
  • Chemical / Gas Leak      
  • Medical Emergency       
  • Accommodation Facility Evacuation Procedure          
  • Disruptive / Violent Behaviour
  • Floods    
  • Bomb Threat     
  • Electrical Storm  
  • Earthquake        
  • Emergency Water Supplies        
  • Cyclone Procedure        
  • Managing Oil Spills        
  • Post Emergency Management


The Manual is modified to suit the requirements of a particular site and client.