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R2R Services achieved ISO certification of its Environmental Management System in September120912_Environment-ISO-14001-PMS3282.jpg

2012 (Licence No.: CEM21940) for village management, maintenance, catering and cleaning services.


The EMS applies to all activities of R2R Services, and has been developed in accordance with ISO14001 Environmental Management System – Requirements. Like the QMS, the EMS is fully documented and structured in 3 levels:


Level 1: Environmental Management Manual

Level 2: Operating Procedures, Forms and Templates

Level 3: Environmental Management Planning


The following policies and procedures relate specifically to the environmental management system: 


  • Environmental Policy
  • Ecological Sustainable Development Policy
  • Environmental Management System Manual
  • Identification of Environmental Aspects Procedure
  • Schedule of Monitoring and Measurement Form
  • Environmental & Waste Management Strategy
  • Emergency Response Manual


A key component of the EMS is R2R Services’ Environmental & Waste Management Strategy which sets in place strategies to improve the environmental performance of the organisation in support of achieving its environmental targets and objectives.