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R2R Services achieved ISO certification of its Quality Management System in September 2012 (Licence No.: QEC29750) for village management, maintenance, catering and cleaning services.


The QMS applies to all activities of R2R Services, and has been developed in accordance with ISO9001Quality Management System – Requirements. The QMS is fully documented and structured in 3 levels.


Level 1: Quality Manual


This document details the corporate quality policy, procedures and structure of the Company and references appropriate Operating Procedures.


Level 2: Operating Procedures, Forms and Templates


These documents describe the actual process and controls applied to all activities concerned with the attainment of a quality assured contracting service. These are supported by forms, templates and flowcharts designed to assist in the smooth implementation and ongoing management of the system.


Procedures relating to the QMS, and integrated with the organisation’s Environmental and OHS management systems are:


  •  Quality Manual
  • Recordkeeping and Document Control Plan
  • Information Management and IT Security Manual
  • Management Review Procedure
  • Customer Service Manual
  • Product Design and Service Realisation Procedure
  • Procurement Manual
  • Inventory Control Procedure
  • Calibration of Equipment Procedure
  • Internal Audit Plan
  • Control of Non-conforming Product and Service Procedure
  • Corrective and Preventative Action Procedure
  • Tender/Bid Preparation Procedure



Various forms, flowcharts and templates relating to the abovementioned procedures have also been developed to assist employees in the implementation of the QMS.


Level 3: Quality Planning


Customer satisfaction and quality are achieved by operating in accordance with the documented quality system. Specific customer requirements are identified and documented during the contract review process, allowing these requirements to be communicated and achieved, ensuring satisfaction of all customers declared needs.