Remote Site Service Providers

R2R Services | Security Services

Through alliances with licenced security agents R2R Services can provide integrated solutions that will help deter threats and protect village residents, their assets and a client’s property, plant and equipment.


Supported by the very highest level of customer service our security services range across the following areas:


  • Static Guarding (unarmed) - including village and building security guards
  • Mobile Patrols around villages
  • Access Control to villages
  • Personal Screening (i.e. collection of meal tickets and dining room control)
  • Customer Service, Concierge and front counter duties
  • Emergency response in the event of cyclones or other natural disasters
  • Maintenance and minor “handyman” duties


Through these alliances and the integration of the security role into other areas of village operation (i.e. maintenance, customer service etc.) we can deliver a multi-tasked response to security and overall village management leading to improved security and operations generally and cost savings to the client.