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R2R Services | Village (Accommodation) Sales and Marketing


R2R Services’ business model is unique in the sense that village sales and marketing is a key component of our service delivery.  This enhances our tailors of service philosophy meaning that we can work with clients to assist them to achieve full occupancy and also allows us to be involved in all stages of a village design, development and ongoing management process.


R2R Services can develop a sales and marketing plan to assist in achieving sales and revenue goals for the client by targeting new prospects, re-engaging with past customers and providing a quality service to existing customers. 


To achieve the stated occupancy objectives the development of the sales and marketing plan could focus on:


  • Broadly defined sales objectives
  • Specific sales targets (expressed as a percentage of occupancy)
  • How the sales will be made
  • To whom sales will be made
  • Timeframes
  • Who will be responsible for making the sales
  • Market and seasonal requirements


The Plan can be action orientated and easily monitored and updated to reflect the prevailing circumstances.


Our marketing approach generally combines product/service development, promotion, distribution, pricing, relationship management and other elements as required.  We also allocate sufficient resources – financial and human - to promote the village and overall service offering.


Our best marketing tool has been word of mouth which has resulted in return business at our current operating villages in Karratha.